Check in line Series EN & EP ( Pichancha )

1-At the start of the pumps, the controlled mechanism will only open when the flow has reached the disk, guaranteeing less turbulence and air.

2-The valve opens easily and smoothly. When fully opened, the internal oblique profile design allows the same volume of fluid to pass through in a non-turbulent regime, avoiding excessive head losses.

3-When the equipment stops when the pumping pressure drops, the spring housed along the actuator closes the valve in advance, achieving a decrease in flow speed and inertia. In such a way that before the early and silent closing, the waves caused by the flow returns, are shorter in intensity and time, smoothing the hydraulic transients that the swing-type check valves do cause.

Size from 2" to 36"

Materials: Ductile Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys



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